Standardized Patients Project

Under each domain at least three to four quality initiatives for quality insurance

Domain 1: Policy and Procedure
Quality Initiatives

Domain 2: Operation
Quality Initiatives

Domain 3: Marketing
Quality Initiatives

Domain 4: Recruitment
Quality Initiatives

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DNP Doctoral Project Checklist

The following checklist provides a tool to develop DNP Doctoral Projects in healthcare contexts. The doctoral project involves multiple steps, including identification of the local problem and development of the practice-focused question(s) to address it (Section 1), review of the background and context related to the problem (Section 2), systematic collection and analysis of evidence to inform a solution or strategy that addresses the practice-focused question(s) (Section 3), and product(s) or recommendation(s)-for-action based on that analysis (Section 4).

• Instructions for students:
o Indicate on the checklist the page numbers (use the actual document page number, not the MS Word pagination) where the appropriate content is located.
o Respond to comments from your supervisory committee and/or URR members in the comment history box. Do not delete previous commentsjust add your response and use some means to clearly identify your remarks (e.g., colored, bolded, or italicized text).
• Instructions for the DNP Doctoral Project committee chair, second member, and URR member.
o Provide specific feedback in the comment history column. Do not delete previous commentsjust add your response and use some means to clearly identify your remarks (e.g., colored, bolded, or italicized text).
o If you made detailed comments on the draft (using track changes and comments), you can make reference to such comments in the draft rather than copy the text into the checklist comment history section.

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Cassandra project

conduct an analysis of the Cassandra data (attached). You presented your analysis to the team and you said that the Cassandra project was late and over budget. Here’s what happened during and after the presentation:

The Mayor’s team did not believe you and reported their opinions to the Mayor. Also, the Mayor later heard a lot of rumors, innuendo, and complaints from constituents. Now you have been asked to write a letter to the Mayor making a convincing argument about the true status of the Cassandra project. – To help you make your case, you collected some more data on a previous city project that the team worked on (The Modus Project). The following file contains data on two projects. The first is called the “Modus” project and the second project is called the “Cassandra” project.

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Project Research and Annotated Bibliography

In order to make a recommendation to the business for the best technological solution to meet their needs, thorough research must be performed. For this assignment, based on your specific project needs, research a minimum of 3-4 different options. Create an annotated bibliography, and provide a brief summary of what the option offers. ‘

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Valuation Project

Valuation Project
(a) Calculate Home Depot’s cost of equity using CAPM.
(b) Calculate Home Depot’s cost of debt.
(c) Calculate Home Depot’s WACC.
(d) Provide a thorough justification for your choice of the growth rate after year 4. Clearly state any other assumptions you have made.
(e) Estimate the years 1-4 free cash flow and the terminal value at the end of year 4.
(f) Find the value of Home Depot.
(g) Compare your valuation with the current share price of Home Depot. Based on your evaluation, would you conclude that the company’s stock is currently overvalued or undervalued?
(h) How would your conclusion in part (g) affect Amazon’s incentive to acquire Home Depot?
(i) Determine how sensitive your valuation is to a ±1% change in the average sales growth rate over the last 4 years. Discuss the impact of such changes on your conclusion.
(j) Discuss any limitations of your analysis. Your discussion should include a critical evaluation of your assumption (s) and those of your lead partner. Make sure your discussion is specific and linked to the real environment in which Home Depot operates.

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Contemporary Issues in E-Sports – Project

Use what you have learned to create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast E-sports to video games and traditional sports. Each category in the triple Venn diagram should have at least three descriptions listed.

After creating the diagram, write a two-paragraph conclusion discussing whether you think E-sports are more like video games or traditional sports. Give supporting evidence for your stance. You can create the Venn diagram and conclusion in a presentation software such as Prezi or PowerPoint.

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Social Change Project

Over the past several weeks, you have analyzed a policy related to a social problem and have advocated for change. For this Assignment, you submit your final report and present on your experience and the outcomes of your Social Change Project.
To Prepare:
• Read Chapter 13 of the Jansson text.
• Review the feedback you received on the following Assignments:
o Final Project Milestone 1: Identification of a Social Problem (Week 2)
o Final Project Milestone 2: Issue Statement and Identification of a Policy (Week 4)
o Final Project Milestone 3: Social Advocacy Proposal (Week 6)
o Final Project Milestone 4: Policy Alternative (Week 8)
• Select at least five scholarly sources to support your final report. The sources can be from the Learning Resources throughout the course or from your own independent literature searches.

Submit a 3-page final report of your Social Change Project. The final report should include the following:
• Provide a brief synopsis of the social problem and policy you identified.
• Describe the steps of your project:
o How did your experiences as a social work professional and your own goals for advocacy inform your selection of a social problem?
o How did your knowledge of, or prior experiences with, the social problem inform your policy analyses?
o What did you learn through each step, including your selection of a social problem, identification of a policy, proposal for advocacy, and recommendation for a policy alternative?
• Reflecting on your experience, identify 2–3 opportunities for growth. What would you do differently based on your recent learnings?
o For example, you might select a different policy alternative that would be better received by elected officials (or other decision makers in a position of power). Or you might use different strategies when speaking in front of a group to advocate for change.
• Explain how policy relates to direct practice.
• Describe how you will apply advocacy skills as a social worker.

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Project 3 Airbnb

- [ ] The competitive advantage of the company and how the company takes advantage of its competitive advantage in the marketplace

- [ ] The financial viability and growth of the company

- [ ] How does the company formulate and implement strategy at the functional, business, and global levels

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Project Selection, Stakeholder Identification, and Stakeholder Analysis

For this assignment, select a project from the following list.

Office relocation
Enterprise resource planning (or other large-scale information system)
Automated car wash with multiple self-serve vacuum stations
Warehouse shopping center
County courthouse building
Other: Subject to approval by instructor. Note that the project must be sufficiently stakeholder-intensive to support creation of the assigned plans.
Then for the chosen project, identify, analyze, and rank in importance the project stakeholders into a stakeholder identification and analysis plan. Use the following areas as a guide to your plan.

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis,
Resource Management Plan and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) Chart,
Communications Management Plan and Accompanying Table,
Stakeholder Management Plan,
Resource Acquisition Plan,
Team Development Plan,
Project Performance Reporting Plan, and
Stakeholder Engagement Monitoring and Control Plan.

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